Discover the Romantic Allure of a Mornington Peninsula Wedding

Finding that a perfect venue can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Let me introduce you to a haven where dreams become reality – Mornington Peninsula Weddings, where timeless elegance meets natural magnificence.

An exclusive hidden gem in the corner of Victoria is a venue that encapsulates romance, elegance, and serenity all in one breathtaking location.

Discover the Romantic Allure Mornington Peninsula Wedding

Enchanting Rose Garden:

Picture yourself in a Dalywater Mornington Peninsula wedding exchanging vows surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colours and the delicate fragrance of sweet roses diffused through the air.

With meticulously manicured pathways winding through a tapestry of hues and blooms,

The rose garden is nothing short of tantalizing, setting the atmosphere for a romantic ceremony straight out of a childhood fairytale.


 Whether you desire an intimate or a grand affair, this ethereal garden provides a backdrop that’s as timeless as your love story.

Serene Jetty Overlooking the Lake:

For couples seeking seclusion, our private jetty extending over a tranquil lake offers a touch of tranquillity and gentle lapping of the lake to soothe the atmosphere.

Picture yourselves As the sky turns ablaze with colour of the sunset.
Hand in hand, as the shimmering waters below mirror the hues of the sky above and the magic of your commitment to each other.

Discover the Romantic Allure Mornington Peninsula Wedding

This idyllic spot serves as a symbolic bridge marking your journey ahead.

Intimate Private Chapel:

For those yearning for a sacred space to exchange vows, our private chapel nestled within the grounds offers a sense of reverence.

Adorned with timeless architectural details and bathed in soft sunlight, it provides a tranquil sanctuary for couples to profess their love.

The chapel is customizable to create a true exhibition of your love story for your closest family and friends. Add decorations with hidden meanings or your favourite fairy lights.

Discover the Romantic Allure Mornington Peninsula Wedding

All-in-One Private Property:

What truly sets our Dalywater Mornington Peninsula wedding venue apart is the convenience and services it offers.

Everything you need for your special day is nestled within this private property, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Say goodbye to logistical headaches and hello to peace of mind as you find everything you need from our team at Dalywaters Venue Mornington.

From Wedding flowers, a private bridal suite for the bride and her bridesmaid to prepare and unwind to endless photo opportunities to choose from. I am talking lakeside to vineyards to curated gardens.

The Mornington Peninsula: Where Love Stories are Told

We have been told time and time again from previous patrons that Dalywaters Mornington Venue transcends the ordinary when blending intimate with creating a wedding that is uniquely yours.

With its enchanting rose garden, serene jetty overlooking the lake, and intimate private chapel, it is just a short drive south of Melbourne City.

This hidden oasis promises to be the perfect setting for the most important day of your lives. So why settle for anything less than extraordinary?

Choose our venue at Dalywaters Venue Mornington and let us bring your wedding dreams to life amidst the splendour of nature and the warmth of true love.