Rose Garden & Chapel

Our Bridal Suite

The Dalywaters Bridal Suite is a convenient and comfortable feature exclusively yours to use prior to your ceremony at our stunning location

rid yourself of the stress of making your wedding on time when you get ready onsite at the elegant dalywaters bridal suite
Another feature that sets us apart from your average wedding venue is the Dalywaters Conservatory Room, which conveniently functions as a fully-equipped Bridal Suite!
Beautifully furnished with gorgeous vintage pieces, the Conservatory Room is the perfect place to both get ready for your big event, as well as to relax for a moment prior to a whirlwind of a day. Also featuring an exquisite vintage chaise lounge, there are some fabulous photo opportunities available in our Bridal Suite.
If you needed another selling point as to why Dalywaters Rose Garden & Wedding Chapel is your dream wedding location, our exclusive elegant Suite seals the deal!
Our talented team can’t wait to show you around and tell you more about what we offer at Dalywaters; get in touch with us today to get the ball rolling on your wedding-planning journey.
Dalywaters Weddings Bridal Suite Conservatory Room
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