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Cocktail Garden Reception Mornington

On your wedding day, throw tradition to the wind and have some fun with a Cocktail Garden Reception Mornington.

Forget about the formal sit down style of celebration, keep it casual and relaxed by opting for a cocktail garden reception with canapes, drinks, a few games on the lawn and any other aspect you want to incorporate.

Although more relaxed and laidback, a Cocktail Garden Reception Mornington can still be done with all the elegance and flair you would normally allocate to a wedding reception, but you can forget about the stress of more formal aspects (think seating charts!) and just go with the flow instead.

Cocktail Garden Reception Mornington - Little Studio

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Why choose a cocktail garden reception?

After all the eyes have been on you and your significant other for your I dos, opting for a cruisy reception where you can be yourself and hang out with your family and friends is a nice way to celebrate.

A canape garden reception is a great combination of chic cuisine with the natural beauty of our rose garden setting. It provides an intimate, stylish and memorable atmosphere for your special day.

Choosing this style of Cocktail Garden Reception Mornington creates an environment of exclusivity and elegance without going over budget!

All in one place

At Dalywaters, we have the most beautiful space for your ceremony and garden reception – all in the one gorgeous rose garden environment. There is plenty of room for you and your guests to mingle, while still enjoying a taste of the sophistication of a traditional wedding. With a garden setting, you can still blend formal elements like beautiful table settings – whether it’s a sit-down affair or just a spot to balance food and drinks – along with a dance floor with the informality of comfy lounge seating and of course, a flowing cocktail menu, plus the all-important tasty canape treats.

Tempting the tastebuds

Serving up canapes is the biggest part of the food offering, but another option to consider is food stations, grazing platters and dessert tables for your guests to help themselves when the hunger pangs kick in. Cocktail Garden Reception Mornington at Dalywaters are a budget-friendly option for all couples.

Cocktail Garden Reception Mornington Canapes

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Time for entertainment

We know weddings can often be a serious, time lined event. You can forget about all that when it comes to the lawn and gardens at Dalywaters Rose Garden & Chapel. We’d rather see everyone having fun. With that in mind, our spacious lawn is the perfect spot for lawn games.

Fancy a throw with some ring toss, larger than life Jenga, Connect Four or even a little bit of croquet? Join all the fun out on the green!

There’s even room to set up some space for any little guests who may be joining in on the festivities.

Immersed with nature

A garden setting inherently provides its own natural decor, and our rose gardens go above and beyond. You can enhance the beauty of the space with simple additions like string lights, lanterns, table settings and more to complement your natural surroundings.

Cocktail Garden Reception Mornington at Dalywaters

Image from Dalywaters

Signature cocktails

Every cocktail party needs a signature drink, so why not offer personalised cocktail in honour of you and your other half? Whether you come up with the magical flavour yourself or speak to someone in the know, it’s a sweet idea to come up with a drink that reflects both your personalities, favourite flavours or your wedding theme.

If you’re one for mixing it up a little, the lawn can also be used for food trucks/vans and kombi vans.

Being in the great outdoors, why not add that extra element of charm with some live music or even a DJ to mix up some tunes. If you’re not sure where to start or what to include, we’re here to help!

A memorable moment in time

A canape garden wedding reception creates memorable moments as guests interact, share stories and enjoy the beautiful garden surroundings, while they celebrate you and the love you share.

Is it time to start planning your reception? We can help make it happen.

Get in touch with the team at Dalywaters to find out more.