Terms & Conditions

Dalywaters uses best endeavors to ensure your event runs smoothly and to provide you any information or service requested.

The following terms and conditions are applicable to your event.
1. Definitions in these terms and conditions the following definitions apply.

Event Estimate means the event order provided with these terms and conditions setting out the details of your event.

Deposit/booking fee means the amount specified in the Event Order.

Event Charge means the total of the property hire,  any surcharges payable and any other payable by your for the event;

Estimated Event Charge means the estimate of the total of the property hire any surcharges payable and any other amounts payable by your for the event;

Event Date means the time and date of your event specified in the Event Order;

2. Booking and Deposit

The venue will provide you with details of your confirmed booking in writing.

2.1 A non-refundable Deposit – Booking Fee must be paid to the venue within 7days of your booking (the venue may require payment of the Deposit within 48 hours if other tentative bookings are received); and

2.2 You must return the signed Terms and Conditions to the venue & Event Charges Advice at the time your deposit is paid.

3. Final Payment

3.1 If a credit arrangement does not exist with Dalywaters. The Estimated Event Charge in full less the amount of any deposit already paid, must be paid at least FOUR WEEKS prior to your event. Any overpayment will be refunded to you.

3.2 Final Payment in the form of EFT is required. We do not accept credit cards as payment for convention services, unless by prior arrangement with the Functions Department.

4. Charges

4.1 The Event Charge will be based on the rates quoted in the Event Order unless you require any changes to your event in which case the venue will advise you of any charges. The Estimated Event Charge has been provided to you as an indicative figure only.

5. Circumstances beyond the Control of the venue, Acts of God

Where due to matters beyond the reasonable control of the Dalywaters any event that is cancelled or interrupted whether by Government restrictions, outside contractors, guests, acts of god, power blackout, Earthquake, Extreme weather, fire, floods, pandemics, man-made or other circumstances that prevent the Dalywaters from being able to perform its obligation under our Agreement, you release the Dalywaters from any liability or loss for such matters, and consent to the Dalywaters taking such action as it deems necessary to minimize damage or disruption in the interest of the safety of you and your guests.

If the Dalywaters and/or your event space becomes unusable to you on the day of your Event, we will work with you to find the best possible alternative and will make all attempts to reallocate your event to an alternative day or Event space within the venue. Your event payments will be transferred to an alternative date.

5.1 COVID-19 or any other pandemic

The Dalywaters will act in accordance with the guidelines of the Australian and Victorian Departments of Health and will comply with all advice to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We will follow all advice from the Government and Local Authorities. Upon acceptance of all Terms and Conditions you also consent to allowing us to implement any additional procedures that will be in the best interest of you, your guests, our staff and contributing suppliers.

6. Function Cancellation

6.1 All deposits – booking fees paid are non refundable. In addition, the following cancellation fees apply if you cancel your Event.

6.2 A change of dates or postponement of an event will be considered if 6 months notice is provided – a rescheduling fee will apply.

7. Function Details

7.1 Preliminary event details will be outlined in the Event Order. You need to confirm all details as soon as possible, but no later than 7 days prior to the event.

8.The prior approval of the venue is required for:

A) Displays of any kind intended to be located outside the designated event room;

B) Attaching anything by nails, screws or adhesive to any wall, door or other part of the venue;

C) Advertising in relation to the event which includes reference to the venue; and

D) The use of smoke machines, special balloon effects and/or pyrotechnics due to the effect on the venue smoke detectors. Should the Fire Brigade respond to an alarm at the property, which has been set off by an unauthorised use of smoke machines, special balloon effects and/or pyrotechnics, you will be liable for any charges incurred by the venue.

9. Conduct of the Function

9.1 Unless otherwise agreed by the venue, your event must finish at the time specified in the Event Order.

9.2 Your event must be conducted in an orderly and lawful manner. The venue reserves the right to end your event if the venue reasonably believes that your event is not being conducted in an orderly or lawful manner. The venue has no responsibility to you for any costs, damages or expenses that you may incur in relation to the venue’s termination of your event.

9.3 The venue may remove or deny entry to anybody being disruptive or acting in a disorderly manner.

9.4 Dalywaters does not accept responsibility for any damage, loss or theft of any possessions, equipment or vehicles during or after the event.

9.5 You are not permitted to exceed any noise levels that in the opinion of the venue exceed acceptable levels.

9.6 You must ensure that you and your guests and invitees at your event do not Breach any statutes, by laws, or regulations including the venue’s liquor license and fire regulations.

9.7 You are responsible for any additional cleaning requirements which the venue considers to be In excess of general cleaning; and

9.8 You are responsible for loss or damage to the venue arising out of your use, or any person attending the event and/or conference room accommodation.

10 Any photography or digital recordings taken by the owners of the Dalywaters can be used on all types of promotional materials including but not limited to digital and printed marketing and advertising platforms unless explicitly advised by the hirers they do not agree.