“Over the weekend, we had another family wedding at Dalywaters’ incredible jetty which stretches out into a lake set against a backdrop of rolling hills and manicured lawns with perfect reflections in the duck-filled lake. The sprawling landscape of colourful rose blooms enveloped the mild drizzle air creating the perfect fragrance as Nat and Pravin said they vows!
Hannah’s impeccably styled chapel set amongst the rose blooms and vineyard is certainly a stand-out with its retro, vintage furniture. It is like entering into another era!
The indulgent afternoon tea of lemon Chantilly, red velvet, dainty sandwiches, sushi and sate were delightful and picture-perfect!
Another plus was being mesmerised when the chapel turned into a swing dance floor with lots of spins and twirls from ankle biters to boomers! Other little things too add up; like the very fancy bridal entrance via wine trellis and cascading roses which makes it regal! Honestly, this place is extraordinary. Book it if you can! “